Little Brwn Book

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On December 3rd I had the pleasure of attending a casting pop-up event hosted by a miniature editorial magazine called "Little Brwn Book." The event hosted an inspiring collection of local black and brown empires gathering together under one roof to network and share their craft in the photography, cinematography, cosmetic, modeling and marketing industries. One of the advantages of living in, or within close proximity of, a large metropolitan area is that you can become part of a dense population of aspiring and professional artists that strive to enrich themselves and others through the public display of creativity born from the unyielding passion for the trade. Creative meet/pop ups is just one of the many avenues at which personal and professional growth can occur. I, for example, attend meet ups like Little Brwn Book's as an opportunity to hone my photography skills, learn new posing techniques and meet new artists for future collaborations and work.

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If you're an aspiring photographer, model or makeup artist; I encourage you to participate in photography meet ups and casting calls in your local area. Better yet, if there's an artist meet up or similar event within your travel range, I wholeheartedly encourage you make travel plans to attend. If you do plan on participating in an artist meet up, make sure you have a business card and a website that showcases your portfolio. As of right now, Little Brwn Book's next casting pop-up is scheduled for the spring of 2023. You can access their event webpage here for specific details.